Veteran and Military Dental Care

Veterans’ Dental Services

Dr Ziprick’s Focus on Veterans

Dr Ziprick’s family has a long history of service to our country and as such she has a special place in her heart for the dental care for veteran’s who served so well and valiantly. It is her desire to provide the lowest cost, highest quality, and full service dental care to military veterans, their dependents, and to active and Reserve dependents as well.

Since Dr Ziprick’s dental office is so near to the VA Medical Facility in Loma Linda, and since Southern California is filled with many active duty and veteran families, it is reasonable to her that she should reach out to these families and to encourage them to receive quality dental care for these military related families.

VA approved dental services

One of the great benefits of having veterans and their families contact Dr Ziprick for their dental care is that she is a VA approved dental provider. This makes her a special, almost one-of-a-kind dentist. Veterans and their families in the greater San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are fortunate to have a dentist with Dr Ziprick’s talents and training available to them in addition to her having that coveted VA approval.

Veterans and their families receive the same quality dental care as others

All of the dental care is overseen by Dr Sharyln Ziprick, DDS and she seeks to provide the same standard care and a great variety of services found in most modern dental practices across the country.

As the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere wind down, veterans are coming home. Large numbers of them may have varying degrees of dental issues and may not have adequate financial resources to correct these deficiencies. This is where Dr Ziprick and her staff come in. They will provide the best possible care for our returning veteran warriors and their families at a substantially lower cost than perhaps available elsewhere. The formula is this: quality care at lower cost to our veterans and these defenders of our freedoms.

For our veteran and military-related families, an intake evaluation is always provided at no cost. As further care is necessary, she and her staff will work our the most affordable care possible for them.

Military Care
Here at Sharlyn Ziprick Dentistry, it is our pleasure to serve the many military families for their dental healthcare needs. We are a convenient, caring dental provider that believes every family should have access to some of the best dental care in the Redlands and San Bernardino area. There is no better place willing to work with you and for you like Sharlyn Ziprick Dentistry, where we care for you the way you care for our country.

By trusting our dedicated dentist and team, you are treating your teeth to the best quality of care for the best price. We are a proud supporter of the men, women, and families that serve our country. To ensure that active military members and their families receive the quality dental care they deserve, we accept and are in-network with military insurance providers.

Navigating dental insurance can be frustrating, which is why Dr. Sharlyn Ziprick and our team are here for you every step of the process. Call us today for more information about how we can assist you with your unique military insurance needs. We can be reached at 909-793-6700.

Call Dr Ziprick today at 909-793-6700 for further information and to speak with her directly.